Terms and Conditions

**Business Information:**

on.perfekt SC SIS

Administrative Address:

68 beim Schlass

L-9774 Urspelt

RCSL : B257504

Commerce Authorization Number: N° 10134109/0

Email : gemeiskuerf@onperfekt.lu

​Domaine onperfekt.odoo.co

**Privacy Policy:**

- On.perfekt is committed to protecting your privacy. On.perfekt’s Privacy Policy outlines how customer data is collected, stored, and used. We implement robust data protection measures to safeguard your information.

- We may use cookies and tracking technologies to enhance your browsing experience. By using this website, you consent to the use of cookies as outlined in our Privacy Policy.

**User Accounts:**

- Users must register for an account to make purchases. It is their responsibility to ensure the accuracy of their information.

- Users must provide a valid address and email for all purchases. Account credentials and payment information must be kept secure. We are not liable for any unauthorized use of this information.

**Product Information:**

- Deliveries must be booked weekly unless the customer is part of a group delivery coupon. Customers using group delivery coupons must cancel before Monday of the delivery week.

- Product images and descriptions are indicative only. On.perfekt reserves the right to make changes to the contents of weekly deliveries.

- The weight and variety of products may vary based on availability and purchase value.


- Prices listed on our website include VAT and are valid at the time of consultation.

- Delivery costs will be converted into electronic wallet credit.

- On.perfekt disclaims responsibility for pricing errors displayed on the website.


- On.perfekt provides delivery throughout the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Shipping addresses provided during the purchase of a subscription are fixed and cannot be changed for subsequent deliveries.

- Customers may provide delivery instructions in the "Notes and comments" section. On.perfekt will endeavour to follow these instructions.

**Liability and Disclaimers:**

- On.perfekt will refund the order amount to the customer's electronic wallet in case of non-delivery. On.perfekt is not liable for delivery issues arising from incorrect customer data.

- Only complaints made on the day of delivery will be considered. On.perfekt is not responsible for product quality after delivery.

- On.perfekt is not liable for damages resulting from product misuse or unavailable deliveries.

- On.perfekt reserves the right to cancel deliveries at any time.

- Subscriptions are non-refundable.

- Once registration is closed, cancellations by customers are not permitted.

**Payment Information:**

- Le mode de paiement accepté inclut Stripe. Les paiements sont traités de manière sécurisée par Stripe.

- E-wallet credit is solely for delivery registration and cannot be used for other purchases.

- Losses resulting from e-wallet misuse will not be covered by us.

**Terms of Service:**

- Delivery registration links are for active subscribers only. Unauthorized sharing is prohibited.

- Coupon codes are to be used as agreed upon. Unauthorized sharing is prohibited.

- The subscription is valid for one season, as defined by on.perfekt. Credits that have not been redeemed will perish.

**Intellectual Property:**

- Reproduction of this site, in part or in full, is strictly prohibited and subject to legal action.

- Any commercial use of this site is illegal and subject to prosecution in the competent courts.

**Updates and Amendments:**

- Users will be notified of changes to the terms and conditions via email. Users must accept any changes to continue using on.perfekt’s services.

- Users are responsible for maintaining their email inbox and domain. Action may be required to accept potential changes in terms and conditions.


- Contract termination and user account blocking may occur in case of foul play, such as the unrightful sharing of information like links and coupon codes, as well as the use of offensive language and disrespectful behaviour.

By using this website, you agree to these terms and conditions. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at gemeiskuerf@on.perfekt.lu.